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23rd July 2013
Posting of Super Flumina Babylonis

19th January 2011
Zanzibar I: Appropriate Responses and An Ordinary Effort posted.

20th November 2011
Coda for Cain's Wife posted.

2nd July 2011
Airplay and The Long Game - fiction.

2nd April 2011
Updating Journal pages.

1st February 2011
Thus Drag Me Down Beneath The Golden Moon - fiction.

28th December 2010
The Lighthouse - a Highlander Christmas carole.

4th December 2010
The Remoulding of Ianto Jones - Yoshiwara section posted.

29th November 2010
Part the first of The Long Twilight of Rhea Silva uploaded.

19th June 2010
Various fics uploaded.

9th January 2010
Vacation photogalleries of 2009 posted.

17th December 2009
Fiction: Crossing 'Urdunn

16th December 2009
Fiction: At Dawn, Stand-to

24th August 2009
Fiction: For Altameyer posted.

7th August 2009
W3C url validation. Removed some dead holiday links

7th March 2009
Further work on Islay and Jura photos

4th January 2009
Fiction: The Return of the Magnificent Seven and The Cod Are Spawning

6th November 2008
Photos of Knapdale

24th October 2008
Fiction: Let the Bright Seraphim

20th August 2008
Fiction: At Night the Lilac Sky

14th August 2008
Photos of Little Sparta garden

2nd July 2008
Photos from sunny Prague

17th May 2008
Folder tidying and uploading of photos: Knoydart & Eigg

16th May 2008
Photos from Charles Jenck's garden.

22st February 2008
A drabble, The Primacy of Numbers, and a new fic: Orange Wednesday

8th January 2008
Fiction: Meltwater Brave

1st January 2008
Fiction: How the West was Won

29th December 2007
Manx delights and Highland islands.

28th December 2007
Some photographs from the Outer Hebrides

21st December 2007
Redesigning the first site Life in the Manifold.

8th December 2007
Finally, some pictures of Budapest and London.

5th December 2007
Fiction: When Love Lies Bleeding. Some minor link rearrangements.

25th November 2007
Fiction: Three Women: Snow.

24th October 2007
Fiction: Three Women: Rain and Ice.

19th August 2007
Budapest snaps posted to flickr and viewable here.

26th July 2007
A month of updates. Fiction and faction.

24th June 2007
Seven minutes eight seconds of food and pornography. Except without the sex.

15th May 2007
Music page updated with more widgets, swordfishtrombone posted.

28th April 2007
Two Final Tales: The Last Diptych posted.

18th April 2007
By popular demand, smut - Two More Tales: Another Diptych posted.

16th April 2007
Two Tales: A Diptych posted.

14th April 2007
Finally managed it: a 404 page using PHP that traps requests.
(Tomorrow the world)

12th April 2007
Well. That's it. I've signed up for PHP. Whatever do I do now?

5th April 2007
Put the Google-analytics scripts on the site, primarily to find out just why so many hits are occurring on my 404 page. It can't all be due to bots, and I've gone through the LJ history to ensure all the links are still valid.

27th March 2007
The Season of the Walrus posted.

21st March 2007
Full Circle posted.

12th March 2007
La Sylphide posted.

26th February 2007
The Angel and the Abyss completed.

22nd February 2007
The Angel and the Abyss (Part 2) uploaded.

18th February 2007
The Angel and the Abyss (Part 1) posted.

6th February 2007
A Brief History of the Lammergeieir in Wales completed.
Music: The Stranglers No More Heroes.

23rd January 2007
A Brief History of the Lammergeier in Wales (Part 2).

21st January 2007
A Brief History of the Lammergeier in Wales (Part 1).

14th January 2007
New site graphics uploaded.

8th January 2007
Mantras for a Lost Archetype & Wherefore art thou?

2nd January 2007
The Chairman Dances.

1st January 2007
Wardays Sunrise, for J.

10th December 2006
Crossing 'Urdunn, Part 2.

11th September 2006
Naming and shaming: Riga photos recaptioned.

10th September 2006
Succumbed to flickr fever.

5th September 2006
Nailing my colours to the mast.

1st September 2006
Professional advice. Thanks J!.

21st August 2006
More photographs: Malta & Gozo 1998.

18th August 2006
A link to Flixster.

11th July 2006
My partner has uploaded pictures of me to Flickr. My photo is finally on the web. Condolances to all. And no, I'm not posting the url.

4th May 2006
First of the scanned images uploaded: France 1999.

17th April 2006
Music page added.

20th March 2006
Crossing 'Urdunn. As if.

15th March 2006
Look, ma! A working 404 page!

7th March 2006
In the absence of conversations more book reviews uploaded.

6th March 2006
Photographs of a bedrizzled Amsterdam posted.

18th February 2006
Finally - some snaps of Gothenburg uploaded.

15th February 2006
Must be the only person sending two Valentine cards to the same person. Majority of the site is now recoded to XHTML 1.0 Strict standard. Apart from the bits I don't know how to do. Help appreciated – you know who you are!

9th February 2006
Toying with CSS and W3C validators. Rareties calendarised, to coin a phrase.

7th February 2006
Nothing compares (to you?). Balderdash and piffle. Diary pages added – I'm feeling reckless.

6th February 2006
Google's cached my rarelitslash community entry but has neglected to even look at one of my websites.
Links page updated, for Moray.

27th January 2006
An absence of lunchtime frivolity – the semblances of order. Also found to my horror some of my more intimate LJ entries cached on AltaVista. Editing now.
Music to the masses: Climie Fisher Love Changes Everything.

15th January 2006
A lithium dance: some dull recoding, labelling of photographs. Fictions re-edited for spelling, punctuation. Music has to be: Echo & The Bunnymen (Spare Us) The Cutter - for sometimes we fall…

3rd January 2006
The Broken Clay (Part 1) posted. A significant link cut.

2nd January 2006
Final sections of Pounamu posted. Film page posted.

30th December 2005
Second & third part of Pounamu posted.

29th December 2005
Various jottings under fiction. Some corrections to site layout.

27th December 2005
Domain registered and activated.

21st December 2005
Finally fiction: Ars Satanas.

19th December 2005
Madeira snaps uploaded, Angels in America added to poetry.

12th December 2005
Riga snaps uploaded. Live Journal started. Typos corrected.

10th December 2005
Note to self: never ever email at 2am whilst drunk. Monday's choices look to being either giving fulsome apologies or finding a large rock to crawl under until my embarrasment fades. Not quite sure why I'm still writing this. God knows I hate all but a scattering of blogs and it's certainly not honest enough to be a diary. I'll settle for the blogging equivalent of road-kill.
Music: Brian Tyler/Azam Ali Inama Nushif (She is eternal) (from Children of Dune).

9th December 2005
A longer interregnum than anticipated. 'SE'? Put to rest eleven months ago. I can't believe anyone could mistake the phrase 'you have a personality disorder' for a chat-up line. Highlander slash? A couple more paragraphs, nothing major. It's been a parched season for inspiration. Playing with my iPod (that's not a euphemism); visiting Riga, Madeira.
Music: Tim Buckley Goodbye & Hello.

4th January 2005
Sidetracked by Marple on ITV last night. Francis Barber playing Lizzie the Lezzie a la Radcliffe Hall. Amiably camp nonsense. Geraldine McEwan is not bad as the old biddy but she lacks the really interfering attitude of the late Joan Hickson. Took 'SE' out to lunch again. Wetherspoons in the centre. Turned up at 12:10. Served at 12.50. Back at work at 13:10 having eaten a quarter of it. Never go back there again.
Music: Denez Prigent/Lisa Gerrald Gortoz A Ran (from Black Hawk Down.).

3rd January 2005
Despite playing Battle for Middle Earth most of the morning I'm still on track to have the majority of the site up and running by this evening. Corrected a few typos, some coding issues. I've tested everything on IE 6 and Firefox 1.0 and it appears to be holding together. Still to come – Highlander slash (very much a work-in-progress) and my holiday snaps from 2004 - once the pix have been resampled to a lower resolution.
Still in two minds whether to risk putting a mailto on the front page or go for a more spam-proof solution.

2nd January 2005
Mad rush to get at least a skeleton site up. All my html knowledge picked up piecemeal years ago has gone. Thank god for Dreamweaver. Rudimentary Poetry page in place – with rudimentary poetry I suppose, though my back's aching for the hours hunched over the keyboard. Note-to-self: have got to get decent html book.

1st January 2005
Can't believe it - my iPaq's reset itself and I've now got to reinstall 500M of programs and data back onto the mem chip. (Big round sweary words). Despite that it had at least retained the outline of my Highlander story. Spend the day furiously stylusing (!?) the next installment. Got some ideals for one of the two prequels (Straight Boys? Has to be Thailand). What to do with Raven in the third?

31st December 2005
The ending of Broken Clay is now down on paper, so to speak. Mad rush before my partner came over for the festivities – I don't think he'd be too happy at being abandoned for someone else, even if they are fictitious.

30th December 2004
Ran 'SE' back home today from work. Brain racing. He must be the most unlikely muse in the city but he's got my imagination setting off fireworks (down boy, not that kind of phantasy). After ten odd years of barely writing anything I'm fired up. Boy, am I fired! First title: The Broken Clay. It just screams out Highlander Duncan-Methos. While I'm working out the plot in my head I'll have to revamp the website. Gone off orange as a background colour. Besides 'View from the Bridge' makes less sense now I'm no longer working in South Bridge. Think white.