Travel Photography

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Malta & Gozo 1998 (Panoramic)
Scanned from negatives, varying quality

France 1999 (Panoramic)
Scanned from negatives, varying quality

Amsterdam 2003
Rain, mainly.

Gothenburg 2004
Fish, frost and fun.

The Outer Hebrides 2004
A tour around the isles in glorious sunshine

Riga 2005
A wonderful city: magnificent Hanseatic architecture, great Russian food.

Madeira 2005
Mountanous, fertile, be-dolphined. Floral.

Kylescu & Handa 2005
More islands.

Islay & Jura 2006
A hint of a whisky trail.

Isle of Man 2007
Manx rain, Manx mist.

Budapest 2007
On the banks of the Danube.

London 2007
Rain, sunshine, more rain.

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation 2008
Rain and mud in the fields of Dumfries.

From Knoydart to Eigg 2008
A quiet life.

Prague 2008
Bones in Bohemia.

Little Sparta 2008
Poetry in a blade of grass.

Knapdale 2008
A weekend sojourn to the Tayvallich Peninsula and the Isle of Danna.

Orkney 2009
Sunlight, sea and the neverending wind

Gigha 2009
A night on an island

Cowal Peninsula 2009
Foul weather and fair scenery


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