Original & Slash Fiction

All things Highlander or Raven

Ars Satanas
Raven. Amanda. NC17 (6 KB).

Four Coins and a Fountain
Raven. Amanda/Methos. PG (9 KB).

The Broken Clay (Part 1)
Highlander/Raven. Duncan, Amanda. PG (10 KB).

When Love Lies Bleeding
Highlander-esque. R. (6KB).

The Lighthouse
A Christmas carole. Methos/Duncan. R. (18KB).


Torchwood/Dr Who Stories.

The Chairman Dances
Set during the closing moments of Captain Jack Harkness. PG (6 KB).

Mantras for a Lost Archetype
Set between Greeks Bearing Gifts and They Keep Killing Suzie. PG (6 KB).

Wherefore art thou?
Set immediately after End of Days. PG. (10K)

A Brief History of the Lammergeier in Wales
Set prior to Countrycide. NC-17. (26K)

The Angel and the Abyss
Set during the final hours of End of Days. R. (47K)

La Sylphide
A Jack/Ianto drabble of sorts. R. (4K)

The Season of the Walrus
Jack, Ten. Set after End of Days. U. (21K)

Full Circle
A moment in the life of the Hub. U. (4K)

Two Tales: A Diptych
Ianto, Jack. NC-17. (12K)

Two More Tales: Another Diptych
NC-17. (10K)

Two Final Tales: The Last Diptych
NC-17. (12K)

Set in the hours after Captain Jack Harkness. U. (6K)

And I Shall Wait Forever (The spiraling of winter ghosts)
U. (11K)

Ianto. NC-17. (4K)

Trois Gymnopédies
Ianto, Jack, Lisa, Luke. PG. (9K)

Seven minutes eight seconds
An evening of food and pornography. Ianto/Jack. PG. (7K)

A Wounded Symmetry
Two stories, one premise. U. (26K)

Three Women: Rain
Jack, Suzie Costello. NC-17. (9K)

Three Women: Ice
Jack, Jo Grant. R. (11K)

Three Women: Snow
Toshiko Sato, Ianto. U. (6K)

How the West was Won
Ianto/Jean-Marc. R. (13K)

The Return of the Magnificent Seven
A sequel to How the West was Won. Ianto/Jean-Marc. R. (13K)

Meltwater Brave
Ianto, Gwen. U. (6K)

The Primacy of Numbers: A drabble
R. (2K)

Orange Wednesday
Ianto, Jack, Martha. Set after Dead Man Walking. R. (8K)

At Night the Lilac Sky
Pre-wedding blues. Gwen, Jack. U. (7K)

Let the Bright Seraphim
Jack/Ianto. U. (12K).

The Cod Are Spawning
A Christmas tale. Owen/Maarta, Ianto. PG. (12K)

For Altameyer
Jack remembers the horrors of war. Jack/Altameyer, Ianto. R. (20K)

At Dawn, Stand-to
Set a year before To the Last Man. R. (7K)

Present Tense
Christmas at Torchwood. But who's bought what for whom? R. (8K)

Land (Horses / Land of a Thousand Dances / La Mer (de))
Fiction inspired by Patti Smith. Jack, Owen. PG. (11K)

The Good Woman
A broken SUV, a lone garage. Jack/Bob. U. (6K)

The Devil and the Detail
A sequel of sorts to swordfishtrombone. U. (6K)

Blowing Nietzsche
A crashed spaceship. A dead pilot. An alien book. PG. (9K)

The Memory of Rain
Set immediately after Cyberwoman. PG. (7K)

The Long Twilight of Rhea Silva
To the others it was just a password but to Jack it was something far more personal. R. (47K)

The Remoulding of Ianto Jones
Centuries after the events of Children of Earth Jack discovers memory and desire are awkward bedfellows. R. (46K).

A kink!fic. Jack/Ianto. R. (7K)

The Long Game
More kink!fic. Jack/Ianto. R. (7K)

Coda for Cain's Wife
A Torchwood prequel. Suzie/Jack, Ianto. R. (18K)

Zanzibar I: Appropriate Responses
The Earth is dying and the Time Agency have sent Jack to set things right. R. (27K)


Love Like Blood
An Original Fiction Cycle

A travelogue in five acts. PG (24 KB).

Crossing 'Urdunn
Being in part a sequel to Pounamu. PG (25 KB).


Fiction Without A Category

Eight Thousand Sunsets
Written in the hiatus between finishing Lawrence Durrell's Justine and starting Balthazar. PG (12 KB).

Wardays Sunrise
A dystopian tale. U (9 KB).

Muscovite Dawn
An old revolutionary reflects. PG. (6K).

Thus Drag Me Down Beneath The Golden Moon
An old lover waits from the Isle of North Uist. PG. (5K).

An Ordinary Effort
Written as a Yuletide Treat. Lawrence of Arabia, Sharif Ali. U. (29K)

Tenents and Queens
January 1963: Rough trade, sub-Joycean style, and a cameo from a young Freddy Krueger. PG. (10K)

Super Flumina Babylonis
An old fashioned SF morality tale of progress versus culture. U. (38K)