Selected Poetry

A not so random selection from my archives minimally re-edited. Like the fiction on this site you will find the following may contain disturbing imagery and explicit sex. Or not.

Stones from the Sun
Love and Violence, 1986.

Damaged Gods
Candles in the Sun
Portraits of Light & Darkness, 1986.

In Arcadia: Memories of a Painted Dawn
In Arcadia: Come to Earth
Arcadia, 1986.

Stone Angel in Repose
Stone Angel in Flight
Stone Angel on Canvas
Stone Angel in Twilight
The Decay of the Angel, 1987.

The Defence of the Watcher
The Sword of the Questor
In Defense of Reason, 1987.

Ryder in Ammeron
Legends of Alternity, 1987.

Ballads for the Waking Hour, 1987.

A Transatlantic Dream, 1987.

An Alien Joy, 1987.

A Broken Hand
In Memoriam, 1987.

The Danger Tree
c 1987.

Someone Dying
Uncollated, c. 1988.

Angels in America
Uncollated, 2004.