Charles Jenck's The Garden of Cosmic Speculation - May 2008

Railway Bridge The Fractal Terrace Scottish Worthies A Japanese-style bridge Towards the New Bridges Scottish Worthies The real railway bridge
The car park Architectural follies The trees are hung with the names of Scottish royalty Humps New Bridges Rail garden Scotland in shale
The new bridge mirrors the old Trees Contours on the landscape The Willow Twist Fairy ring of tree stumps Tree stumps A ring of tree stumps
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A patch of designed wilderness A statue in the bushes The Jumping Bridge The mound between trees Board walk and bridge A traditional pond Contours
Board walk The serpentine lake Towards the Crow Wood and Nonsense Towards the Crow Wood The Quark Walk Tree stumps Towards the Snake
The Quark Walk Snake and Mound Snake and Mound Snake and Mound Nonsense Black Pond The Crow Wood