He tries to be tender but Ianto doesn't want tenderness and turns his face away from a kiss.

Jack's been here so often before, at the brink of penetration, when the Welshman whispers NO! and he has to slink away back to his office and consolation prize of lube and RSI.

This time it's different: Ianto is breathing quickly, steeling himself for pain and bliss and perhaps a drop of blood. His eyes say to Jack don't let me speak don't let me change my mind.

And Jack knows this time is for real. Prays to the Doctor that please, keep Gwen busy for an hour, stop Tosh from phoning, Owen from forgetting his keys.

His hand is fumbling with the front of Ianto's trousers, other hand pinning him face to the wall. A thumb gets tangled in a mess of hairy stomach and yanks a few follicles out, ignores a yelp, watches gravity take possession of the suit. Ianto's wearing white cotton briefs, which Jack wasn't expecting. It's a boon though and he cups the heavy prize in his palm, squeezing the tip until the cloth is saturated and sticky. His own clothes are on the floor behind him and he rubs the head of his cock again anticipating the coarseness of Ianto's body hair against his glans.

Ianto's mouth is open and quivering; cheeks hanging loosely and flushed as with a fever. Fear and lust have stolen speech. It's a good omen for Jack. The room is filled with the feral scent of sweat and sex. He lets go of Ianto's rapidly expanding cock and rips the shirt off his back, burying his nose in the hairy mess between the Welshman's nipples.

Breath is ragged and wet on his neck. A storm of instincts. He pushes Ianto back on the mattress, legs apart, watching a calf muscle twitch in response as the elastic from his underpants gets temporarily stuck around a kneecap.

Ianto's eyes are wide in their sockets flitting erratically between Jack's advancing cock and Jack's face. And Jack's own heart is beating savagely, adrenaline flooding through his veins. Tenderly he takes the soft cotton and balls it up, pushing the material gently between Ianto's pink lips suffocating sound.

This time there will be no retreat.