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The gallery is divided into three main sections:
(i) Rendered Art (Bryce, Poser, KPT etc)
(ii) 2D Art (Photopaint, KPT, Painter etc)
(iii) Character Studies (adult-themes, nudity etc)



The Old Chief's Country

The title comes from a book of African short stories by Doris Lessing:
This Was The Old Chief's Country

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Nile Fishing Boat Nile Fishing Boat
Dervishes At Prayer Dervishes At Prayer
Moorish Suk Moorish Suk
The Elsa The Elsa



In Franco's Spain from a sketch based on The Talented Mr Ripley

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A Season of Rust A Season Of Rust
Between The Lines Between the Lines
In Franco's Spain In Franco's Spain


Wild At Heart

Sketches from American History X.

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The Last Day The Last Day
Not For One Second Not For One Second


The OX Gate

An iconography of branding...

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Contemplating the OX Gate Contemplating the OX Gate
Life in the Manifold Life In The Manifold
Observations on a Quantum Texture Observations On A Quantum Texture



Words: John Parr/St Emo's Fire

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Climb The Highest Mountain Climb The Highest Mountain